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Monthly Archives: July 2015

  • Scientific Studies Find E-Cigarettes Less Harmful Than Traditional Smoking

    E-Cigar is the future of smoking as it gives everything to a smoker. It has the ability to have nicotine, which is identical to smoking a cigar. E-cigars contain no tobacco; they neither produce smoke nor leave tar behind! Electronic cigars have become a force for current market since it is an alternative to tobacco emerged and almost boomed with smokers. Such E-cigars are designed to go beyond the standardized analog smoking experience. It is a great choice which aims to help smokers and non smokers cherish the bliss of smoking whenever they wish to! People can have a more pleasing experience of having an electronic device; it is widely distributed across the orb as it provides health alternatives, robust functionality and fiscal benefits.

    Recent surveys have observed that, smokers are persistently switching to electronic cigars because they find e-cigar a very “user-friendly” and “practical” option that doesn’t harm anyone. So, smokers don’t have to go with carcinogens and injurious drugs when you have the safest choice! And that is why the electronic cigarette market is booming at a remarkably fast pace! E-cigarette is indeed smokers’ dream device (gadget) since it lets smokers enjoy without smoke or ash, still it gives smokers a smoking sensation. This creative gadget takes away the obnoxious elements of smoking like second-hand smoke, stained teeth, particulate smoke and odor! Apart from above obvious advantages, e-cigar offers a long list of other advantages.

    • E-cigars eliminate the “Social Stigma” attached to smokers.

    Our society is stereotype when it comes to smoking or smokers! Smoking is not acceptable in our society since it is an unpleasant activity. It not only spoils health but also spreads nuisance around. Smokers are treated like the “outsiders” hence there is a permanent social stigma attached to them. So, having an e-cigar can eliminate this stigma and that is why it is boon for smokers.

    • E-cigars do not leave ash or produce secondhand smoke.

    One of the key benefits is, they don’t produce secondhand smoke or leave ashes behind. As per the medical studies, secondhand smoking is more injurious to health than smoking directly from cigarette. Moreover, our society doesn’t like secondhand smoking or cloud of smoking; so it is advisable to have e-cigars which don’t leave ashes on people around.

    • E-cigars allow smoking in all places.

    Smokers are sometimes asked to leave the place just for them to enjoy smoking. Places such as buildings, offices, hotels and other establishments don’t allow smoking in their premises and that is why they have smoking and non smoking areas. With e-cigars, smokers can smoke anywhere and at any time they want. Thus, they will not feel offended!

    • E-cigars are economical.

    Save more with electronic cigarettes! However, there are a few people still skeptical about purchasing electrical cigars as they are little pricey; but if compared to the amount of boxes of cigarettes, you will observe that you can save more with e-cigars! E-liquids can be refilled; they are rechargeable too; they last long!

    • E-cigars are great for those who want to quit smoking.

    E- Cigarettes help people quit smoking! About 70 % of e-cigar users believe that it helps smokers quit tobacco smoking, compared with just 30 % of the general population, according to the survey!

    E cigs will continue to evolve, with innovative flavors. They attempt to get closer to their attractiveness, it remains to be seen if the devices or products will be a boon to smoking activity. Still there is a matter of concern whether e cigarettes are harmful or not.

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